In the late 1940s, members of the Francer family began manufacturing pipe, duct, and fittings from galvanized steel for venting and air distribution. In December 1949 Hal Francer, along with his cousins, brothers Bernie and Paul, incorporated and began to represent major national manufacturers to HVAC and plumbing wholesalers throughout the six New England states. These product lines were added to their own manufactured product offering. Bernie's son Gary joined the company in 1976 and Paul's son Stephen in 1981.

In an effort to concentrate more heavily on our represented manufacturer product lines, as of January 1, 2020 we turned over our manufactured product sales to Gray Metal Products. Since they are able to service our New England customers from their Avon, NY manufacturing facility, we added them as a represented manufacturer. 

The products we manufactured, represent, and provide to the marketplace are of extreme importance. They ultimately become the "life blood" of a building in that they are installed as part of the mechanical system in places where people live, work, and play. Our products, in many cases, are responsible for the comfort and well being of a building's occupants.

We take our position as a supplier of these integral comfort products very seriously. Since our humble beginning, Francer Industries has only manufactured and supplied products of the highest quality. Many people and businesses depend on us for consistency and accurate information, as work schedules are developed and inventories maintained based on anticipated lead time. We have built a reputation as a company that provides exceptional customer service who delivers what we promise. We are regarded as a leader in our field and work daily to maintain this standard.

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